possibility (hobgadling) wrote,

tea parties

This whole tea party movement thing is difficult for my brain to assimilate.

On the one hand, I LOVE seeing people getting active in politics and concerned about the way the country is run.
I AGREE that our govenment is systemically corrupt and entrenched powers are obstructing the improveent of that government.

But at the same time, I wonder aren't these the same folks who four years ago were behind The President 100% just because he was The President?
And when it comes to the factuality of what they're talking about and supposedly rallying for/against, some of them clearly have their heads up their asses. How can you complain about taking health care away from senior citizens when the whole point is to make health care more accessible to more people? They say the government shouldn't tell people what to do and not do, but isn't that exactly what our entire legal system is?

What really irks me the most is that this is really just an US versus THEM battle, but no one will admit it. They couch their complaints in supposedly substantive arguments, but when the content of the complaint is analysed, their arguments fall apart. Why don't you just admit that you don't really care what the end result is and that what you really want is just to be right.
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