possibility (hobgadling) wrote,

A Chewy Lip

a poem by 14-year-old Benji:

A Chewy Lip
[an infatuation] (continuation)

Why must she chew her lip so?
two red drops of flesh.
perfectly formed and positioned,
just so.
that they may part,
the lower disappearing
into a place of thinking.
Why? Why must she chew her lip?
a thin red line of loveliness
which she sucks on timidly
her jaws part and her lip emerges.
glistening, as beauty in the light.
Why? Why do you chew your lip?
Must you continue to tease it?
Nibbling a bit here, and sucking on it there.
Why do you torment me so?
Why must you chew your lip?
Please let me do it for you.


(written for Alicia Silverstone, back when she was the super-hottie in all the Aerosmith videos)
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