possibility (hobgadling) wrote,

advice for a journey

From Mark Baumer's blog about walking across the USA:

Got any advice for would-be cross-country trekkers?

Before I began the trip I visited many bookstores and looked at thousands of shelves full of guidebooks on how to walk. I Googled the idea of walking on the internet and came up with 64 million in less than 0.241833 seconds. I did not read a single sentence about how to walk across the United States before I left. Everything and everyone in the world will try to give you advice on any journey you decide to take. I suggest you ignore them all. Let the road take you where it wants you to go. Throw yourself into a trip. Use your common sense. If you try to gather every piece of advice before you leave you will never leave. A journey isn't a journey if you have every footstep planned out.
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