possibility (hobgadling) wrote,

Hello again

I forgot about LiveJournal for a long while, and I'm happy to see you guys are all still here and posting away.
My time is limited these days. I used to keep up with LJ by reading for 2-3 hours every week or so. I haven't done that in months.
In some ways, Facebook has replaced it for my instant-social-connection-gratification (ssshh it's not just dopamine ssshhh). Every time I get on facebook an hour disappears instantly. I cannot keep up with all the things everyone posts on FB, even the short list, as FB only seems to keep about 24 hours worth of posts available on any of the feeds. That's frustrating. There are a small handful of people in my life that I would *like* to read everything they write, but alas the technology is not there yet.
And time! There's never enough. It's always slipping away, but at the same time, you're always getting more of it.
There are things I want to do, and since I can't do them all right now, I do some of them in the future, and then sometimes I get to the future and my time is already taken by these things that I wanted to do in the past (and maybe still want to do, but I don't have as much of a choice now).

I've started blogging at wegeekout.com - my goal is once a week, but it's been somewhat less than that.

<3 Benji
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